My Perspective

I'm Dominique Davis, a creative technician that deals with light and space to create interactive installations and stage designs. I love exploring the questions of how we experience things and allowing others to explore experience through my works. I craft these works mainly for live events to create intimate moments for small and large groups of people to enjoy. My works are often collaborative or exist as commissions where I'm asked to do something original and custom using technology, fabrication and digital media. I enjoy taking my skills and applying it to tell stories.


  • Interactive installation creation, concept design, and budgeting strategy

  • UI Design for entertainment applications


  • Generative application building using Touch Designer and python

  • Projection mapping and interactive stage design

  • Creative and technical directing projects

  • video editing


Creative Direction

Taking concepts and turning them into projects that work within the constraints of the budget. First I establish the narrative of the event or the product with the client. We then follow a structure that allows for creative freedom among a creative team while sticking to the big idea and the needs of the client.

Concept Design

When given a prompt or theme I can take the needs and turn it into a visual concept for how video or an interactive project will look and feel using sketches, timelines, and digital 2D and 3D renderings for pre-visualization. 

Data Visualization

Taking data from the web, brain reading devices, cameras, sensors, and wireless emitters and then creating custom user interfaces for easy understanding of the data using visuals, audio, or extra-sensory output methods.


Interactive Programming

TouchDesigner, Python and GLSL programming for generative applications. Using these tools I can create custom applications for events and installations that allow for full customization and input/output to or from other hardware devices.

Live Video Performance

VJ, theater, and live cinema performance using large scale projectors or LED walls for event, festivals, installations and live music performance. 


Projection mapping on building facades, 360 rooms projections, stage projections, custom fabricated objects, pseudo-holograms or cutting edge mediums to allow for an immersive environment to tell a story.  The understanding of power, data and proper set up of multiple projectors ranging from 3,000-30,000 lumens.