First post

Hello to all who've found this blog. Thanks for visiting! I'm no amateur writer but it has been a moment since my last blog post so bare with me as I find my rhythm.  I'll cut to the reason why we're here: my craft. You maybe met me or have seen my work or possibly heard from someone else and somehow found your way here!! Congrats, welcome and get ready cause I'm going to spill my thoughts on all things I do and why I do them. 

My background began in mass amounts of video games where i soon learned what and where the bits and pieces to a computer were and slightly how they worked. From there I began building my own. I carried this on as a hobby as I went to film school in Boulder, Colorado. There I learned film editing. It began with super 8 on a editing table for hours a night and carried into coming home and painting on the film and re-editing digitally using computer software. While this was going on, I believed it to be important that I learn lighting  so I started as a stage hand for concerts learning lighting on campus and at the local venues. I also began to study light as it occupied space by creating and researching art installations that used light. Many of these installations were overly ambitious but merely steps towards bigger ideas, but what that bigger idea was I wasn't sure of. So i began studying art therapy because I believed there was something new and valuable to using light and the moving image to express oneself. And then I graduated and came home without a job.

From there I started from scratch pedicabbing for rent and occasionally picking up something for green screen work or camera help but nothing substantial. Not until a year later, when I began doing lights again, did I find out that VJing was something I could do and something that people wanted. So I took my editing skills into the lighting realm and combined them into something worthy of bragging to my friends about.

It's been a year since then and I have found myself now combining the other skills of my research into this field including building computers, art therapy, modern art theory and many others. I have become involved with a Dance group, Crash alchemy,  that uses projections for their performance and I have integrated a infrared camera that tracks the dancers and creates visuals from their movements. I am now taking VJing into my own direction, a direction that needs the human body present to react and create. I'm doing this because I believe all creation should be an act of presence and learning to be present.  Anyways, I will try to keep most of my blog posts short and frequent and hopefully well littered with actual videos!  Drawings maybe? I'm a visual learner and  so I like to cater to my kin.