The RJD2 Show and Augment Reality for Stage Performance

First off, here is a 360 degree video of my RJD2 show at Empire Control Room.

It's only a link to the streaming video so you will not need to upload anything but if your phone is fancy and smart you can turn the phone around the room and it will give you any angle as if you were standing right in the room room! It's made by a group called Omniception and is also viewable in the oculus rift(by far the best way to experience it).  The sound was recorded straight through the mixer but may not work on iphones, only ipads and androids and the computer/oculus rift .

Besides the RJD2 show, I was able to figure out how to set the object position for moving objects using your hand in the computer world. This is what is Refered to as Augmented reality because the object is not real but is digital but also is interacting with the real world. This is the beggining of What i believe is a possible use for props in live theater. For example, Say the person on stage is living in a limbo between reality and the dream world, Don Quixote style. Actually lets say it is Don Quixote, a man that believes when he is fighting windmills he is fighting giants. On stage you may have a prop or back drop that is a windmill. But with a projector you can now turn that windmill into a giant to portray it as his imagination. Not only that but the digitally projected giant may interact with the live person on stage as though one does in a video game. 

Another example, using a projector and a screen between the actor and the stage. imagine someone was a conjurer and they wanted to conjure elements of fire water or even electricity. Not only could they hold these elements in their hands but they can control them, throw them all over the stage, make one the size of a small house, and then actually have that ball of fire the size of house settle down  and morph into a real house of smoking charcoal.  That small house is now part of the set and the character can now grab the door handle to the house and walk inside of it. All done with a stage and computer and no trees to cut down or tucks to move props or people to build them in real life.  

There are many practical applications to this too besides entertainment! And soon you will be interacting with them daily!