Holograms and a calm before the storm...SXSW

Been working a lot on some private works lately and picking up a lot of VJ shows in on the weekend(6 in 10 days) one of those being an amazing sold out show By RJD2 himself.  I was lucky to be granted the opportunity to perform the after party in the Control Room of Empire in Austin, Texas, right after the the big show which happened outside. The design for the show outside was excellent and was done with  video mapping in sync with the music onto flying saucer by Jeff Kurihara and Kendall Clark, two amazing VJs and Austin locals.

 Video from the event should be available of the show via a group called Thrillbox, who Create 360 videos for the Occulus rift, that also happened to be there! Over all it was a create night to work with awesome people. That aside, it was also the last big show before SXSW.

But back to private works. The last 3 weeks have been very much dedicated to  a construction by Jerome Morrison, my roommate, friend and collaborator of many works and experiments. The latest one is a Pseudo-hologram using a technique called pepper's ghost. This name was given to the technique after it was widely used in magic shows and theater to create an image of a person which is both well defined and  transparent. It may make more sense once you see pictures but technically it is the reflection of an object off of a transparent material, yet, you can not see the source, only the reflection so the image seems to be real! Much like the reflection of a city when you pass  a shopping window on a sidewalk. 

The structure is 12 ft wide by 12 ft deep by  6.5 ft high and is shaped like a glass pyramid that is upside down. Each side of the pyramid hosts a different angle of the image. The image we used is a user interface created in touch designer that simulates a solar system within the structure. This means that when someone gets into the middle of the hologram, they then become the center of the solar system and are perceived from the outside to be sitting where the sun is. Once they are in the middle, a body sensor picks up their skeleton and allows them to control the tilt of the solar system using their right hand: left and right tilt as well as forward and back. Among this there is an army of floating stars surrounding the whole simulation video that also slowly move. 

The piece is fairly simple but also wildly effective giving you the feeling in it and out of it that you are floating and viewing a vacuum of space! It's a weird inner/outer-space dichotomy it creates for the experiencers for sure. Unfortunately, the debuting event Infinity +Infinity has been moved back to May due to freezing temperatures. Though unfortunate, we were able test it all out this last week at the Museum of Human Achievement, or MOHA,  and are now able to fix and enhance all the small technical things you never think about. Most  of them things only we would notice of course.