Euphoria Music Festival

This last weekend I was graced with the opportunity to work  Euphoria Music Festival. The Festival Prides itself in providing EDM, jam bands and all round fusion of those genres in an environment meant to inspire spiritual growth. It's a young festival and was overall a success. It was the second full scale camping festival I've done, probably the biggest with an estimated 10,000 and I was able to VJ for 40 hours all three days for the majority of acts on a 4 piece LED Wall. 

By far the biggest act I got to VJ for  was Ghostland Observatory. Long story short,  the  insane lighting direction, a well experienced laser tech and I on visuals combined to  create  a mind blowing visual show to accompany Ghostland's amazingly tight sound. 

There were many other awesome acts I was able to perform with and the weekend overall was a huge success. Another Highlight that was a truly learning experience was watching RL Grimes VJ work flawlessly on the  fly with their personal LD and see what it means to be next level. All his content was custom for the show and was amazingly synced and placed. and the color palettes between the LD and CJ were on point continuously without fail.

In relation to my earlier post on  DJs vs Bands, I got to spend a good amount of time learning to isolate frequencies in resolume for just about everything. Still needs some work but it was incredibly fun to play with and knowledge worth honing that was granted to me from a VJ named Angel from El Paso,TX that had been laying down some dope tips all weekend.