SXSW 2015 reflections

SXSW 2015 has happened and is now long gone. All of us in Austin have happily taken a week off to relax and cash our checks to pay our rent.  I worked at my homebase Empire Control Rom and Garage for 6 shows and 2 shows for The San Francisco Visual company All of it now. Im still wrangling up pictures because when you're in the madness you neither have time nor organization to remember to take a picture let alone bring a camera. A quick summary though:

Highlights: Hotline Miami 2 release party and doing visuals for Magic Sword! Found a new local band called Capyac that knows how to throw a  Dance Party and we wana collab. Met the Co-founder of the EEG headset I own and wants to talk business. Saw nearly no interactive parts of the interactive party which says the future is still ripe for the taking. Learned to set up Live streaming with All of it now. Got to check out some amazing installations downtown created by friends of mine. My Roommate Jerome Morrison Was a Panelist for his hologram which was awesome 

Lowlights: Worked a couple of days at a shitty club called Krave on 6 street. Also, everyone performing were in weird moods and I don't blame them because this year felt very uninspiring as far as the event as a whole.  I can't help but think it has something to do with the business factor that has taken a lot of the joy of sxsw. A lot of shitty bros ruining the vibe(but that could be just me being raised here and having tourist anxiety).

Over all, I worked just enough to pay bills but nothing more to go international. Everyone says it was different this year. I think it was too. It was more tame, less spontaneous, more gimmicky, less impressive creatively. I think SXSW had a lot of pressure on it from the year before with the Car Accident and it growing too big that they may be restructuring it to be more formal. But I'm very proud of the people I got to work with who killed it creatively among the chaos and also the venue Empire for being the most laid back and friendly  while also being profession venue  I've ever worked in. Good people make a family and family business put in everything they have to make it work.