First Time Projecting Visuals at Cheer up Charlies using 2 Projectors mapped for a huge canvas

My most recent contracted gig was at a local well known LGBT friendly bar named Cheer up Charlies. It was for a 2 day showcase by Solstice Live, a company with a website business that easily connects venues to musicians/bands. It seems almost natural that a company like that go into the local booking biz and so far what they've been doing has been amazing.

The event I helped with asked for two 5k projectors on a backdrop made of limestone on the outside stage. I was able to stitch both projectors and align them to make one giant 50ft wide x 30ft tall projection. It was my first time at cheer up's projecting and setting up projectors there so it was hugely satisfying seeing everything work exactly as planned. Three bones got some footage the first day and the second day Transcontinental trip recorded their whole set so hopefully there will be some good video to link in soon. I look forward to using the limestone again as it created a very cool look that can be worked with to create some amazing effects.