Since we last spoke: Projection mapping Cheer Up Charlie's, UXD for Flipside, Audio Reactive Augmented reality.

Hey there! If you're reading this post as a first timer then welcome! The next 6 posts are going to be a refresher of the things that have happened over the last few weeks post SXSW.The hardest part of coming back from sxsw has been building motivation to get back on a "normal" schedule. Freelance already holds it's own weird definition of the word schedule. And literally, in this field of work you are making up the job day by day, week by week. It's the beauty in the chaos of a new frontier.

 I  like to think about it in relation to the book Packing For Mars where the author, Mary Roach, dedicates every chapter to explaining the insanity and interesting  quirks of preparing to go to space in the early days of space travel. Things like what the flag on the moon was made out of and what it took and cost to make it or the rigorous amount of paper cranes a japanese training astronaut needs to make so that the psychologist can see how he produces under pressure and repetition. There was even the worry of peoples minds literally being blown by amazement of space once they got up there.  Surprisingly, no matter how trained you are, there is a deadly trance once you  gaze into space that all astronauts experience when they leave the ship. I say deadly because it's common for a person to ignore everything and everyone because of sheer awesomeness to the point of their oxygen almost depleting when looking into  the abyss. Much Like I often feel in this new frontier, it's as if there is no point of reference other then the present and the past moment. Besides that, theirs the infinite options of where to go from here.

Anyways. Frontiers and what not aside, I've been doing some amazing stuff i'm excited to share!