UXD for the Effigy for Flipside (Texas Burning Man)

Work in progress this last week has been the UXD for the Flipside Effigy.

You may be wondering "What does that mean?"

Well, for those of you that don't know Flipside, it is the Burning Man of Texas. Although at Burning Man the Effigy is the man they burn at the end of the event. But At Flipside it changes every year and this year it's a Wizard head that throughout the event will have projection mapping on it at night with animations that are triggered by a control system inside the head. There will be a quest to find codes that, when put through the wizards spell controller in his head, will trigger the animation and, for special spells, flamethrowers out of his fingers of different colors. For the production of the Wizard head we have several sections: The Physical production of it, The Audio/Video Production,  Pyrotechnics, Software and probably others I have not interacted with.

I'm part of the AV production as the main video projection mapper and signal flow designer (UXD, User Experience Design)for cues for video and flamethrowers that are being carried out according to what code(spell) has been put in the interface. In the video department we also have Tavia and Jeff, two other former and current VJs. Tavia, former vj and current motion graphics artist, is heading the animation side with help from Jeff, I and others and Jeff is heading the Hardware logistics of the computer. my part sits somewhere in between technical and content.  

This last week we've been able to get our work flow fairly prepared for the streamline production of the thing as a whole, including a 3d simulation of the wizard head with each spell code used since we will not be able to see the real thing until the week of the event( may 21-25). All we need now is the spells and animation... which should be the most fun and creative part! How does a wizard of Flipside acquire his spells and what spells does a wizard of Flipside use? All of these things will soon to discovered muhahahahaha.