Tour of a 3-D World using Kinect

I was commissioned for an installation before I left to Berlin and it ended up being one of the quickest projects and most streamlined to-date(mostly because I was leaving to Germany and the deadline was two weeks). So among moving out of my place, my birthday, travelling to Europe, watching Star Wars and spending Christmas with my dad, I also spent a whole day building a computer from scratch for interactive installations and 60 hours building a program for said machine.  

This program is an interactive menu system projected on a wall that allows you to pick between 3-D models of installations using your body that the company will be building over the next year. When you pick a model from the menu, it then allows the user to control the camera perspective in a 3-D space (through tracking in and around and tilting) to study the model as though you were actually there. The controls are all done via infrared from the Microsoft kinect so that the user merely needs to walk up and they have full control using they're right and left hands.

There's also some nice details added to it as well: lighting and texturing on the structure, a transition wipe away effect from the menu, a designated window of space the user must be in to use it and the ability for the program to be controlled and reset from the clients phone. This was also my first project full plug and play for the client. 

It essentially is a way for us to interactively pitch our installations.