Berlin, EEG and Eye Tracking

I'm currently in Berlin learning the language and spending immense amount of time on projects. I have just finished a project for a client I hope to post soon that allows the user to click through a virtual menu system projected on the wall using your body hands for controls. Your choices are currently between two 3D models of installations that will be installed this year. Once you have chosen one, you can then control the camera around the model to explore its facets and scale. It is currently in the prototype and testing stage but was released at a party last week in Houston for user testing.

The next project in line is one using an EEG headset and an eye tracking camera in collaboration with the video artist Jerome Morrison. This project is for a party for the graduate school program for neuroscience at the University of Texas. It will be hosted at The Museum of Human Achievement. We are especially excited because the project is using hardware we have had for a while but have been waiting to use for a project. So when asked if we could do something( knowing already a bit about what we’ve wanted to do in the past) we pitched to create a visual neurobiofeedback program. What this means is that the program is affected by your mind and then your mind is affected by the program and on and on until you step away. Our plan is to use the eye tracker to set changes to where the user looks at the image and then to have the EEG brain waves from the user affect what happen to the image based on concentration (or lack of).  

It is an exciting project and I look forward to its progress.