In the Summer of 2018, I was given the opportunity to program and build out content for Machine Gun Kelly’s 2018 Mania Tour with Fall Out Boy. Working with the fabricators for the statues, Art Seen Alliance, the LEDs (Creative Production and Design), Lighting Designer Jason Roberto and the Machine Gun Kelly crew we built a stage in Austin, Texas from the Designs created by Amber Park out of Los Angeles. Our goal was to build the stage design as well as build out a strategy to put up the stage quickly and take it down in 15 min before the headliner Fall Out Boy took stage. We also needed to build out a way for the band to create cues and run the LEDs of the stage design from Abelton and perform visuals manually until then for each show.

With a week to build, I tested and programmed LEDs in parallel to the fabrication of the stage design and programming them intake video for content quick content creation and VJing on. The stage was shipped after a week and rehearsals ran for 2 days where finalization of the programming and content for each song was created with the Machine Gun Kelly before the first show of tour in New York at the Barclay Center. We then performed the show with the stage design being run live. Following that, we were able to break down the stage in 8 min.

I continued with the tour for 12 arena shows where I was able to build a library of 40 LED content clips, build out documentation for the touring lighting designer Jason of the system, and help build the functionality to allow the band to build out specific cues and triggers for the LED effects from the stage through Abelton.

The shows and crew we had were amazing with everyone working day and night to create the best show possible and playing for arenas up to and around 14,000 people. Here is some brief video summary of the show following completion of the Abelson network when it came through Austin. (please be advised there is cursing in this performance video after 2 min)