Custom applications created in TouchDesigner for installations.

  1. Audio Analyzer
  2. Audio Reactive GLSL and Shapes
  3. Generative Video Feeback For live performance
  4. Audio Visual Generative For Live Performance
  5. Augmented Object Leap Motion
  6. Augmented Reality With Object Manipulation/placement
  7. Basic Body Tracking Recorder with Simultaneous Simulator and Video recording.
  8. Brain Reading and Eye Tracking(data ported from maxmsp for eye tracking software)
  9. Dancer body in 3D space particle emitter
  10. Dancer recorder with UI
  11. Dancing motion tracking with live generative spatially triggered animations
  12. Desert live  generative stage design Demo
  13. Face tracking Demo for projecting on stage for live performance
  14. Flying saucer particle emitter
  15. Graffitti Motion tracking Drawing demo
  16. Motion Tracking Fire emitter
  17. Low Poly Landscape
  18. Memory matters Brain Reading Musical composition
  19. Motion tracking fire Particle
  20. Particle body of flowing energy
  21. Particle emitting nanobot hologram
  22. particle emitting and attracting to another.
  23. Rainbows Music Video Final
  24. Augmented reality motion tracking environment picker
  25. Shabazz Palaces Demo Performance
  26. Simple Video Player with pause/play and switcher for Logo for Live event.
  27. Solar System with camera control using body tracking
  28. Solar System Final
  29. Solar System version 2
  30. Surreal Head Tracking game
  31. Twist Eyes Stage Design, Motion Tracking for dancer with particle emitting and live generative animation.


A list of some brief GLSL coding I have created for use in TD.

  1. Cartoon Shader
  2. Clouds
  3. Crosshatch shading size determined by threshold
  4. crosshatch normal
  5. Geometry
  6. Pixel Pointcloud from camera/kinect into Letters
  7. material lighting customization
  8. morphing geometry with texture from animated noise
  9. smoothing morphing geometry with texture from animated noise


Python in use with TouchDesigner to create communication between different areas and elevate work, time and resources for the machine for smoother applications.